Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense life insurance refers to insurance used for covering the policyholder’s “final” costs, like burial or cremation, funeral, etc.

The Curry Insurance Agency has been a national leader in the Final Expense marketplace for over 30 years. Our outstanding reputation and commitment to excellence has granted us access to products, carriers and exclusive marketing systems available to only a select few marketing organizations. Whether you are new to this business or looking for a new home, there is no better partner than The Curry Insurance Agency, where your success is the key to our success.

Huge potential in this market – the market is NOT saturated!

  • 70% of American households have less than $50,000 of income
  • Half of US households (58 million ) say they need more life insurance – highest ever
  • 35-45 million households need basic insurance and are not being seen by an agent
  • Almost 8 in 10 US households do not have a personal life insurance agent
  • 42% of households say they need coverage for final expenses
  • Seniors are America’s fastest growing market!
  • Less insurance agents today than ever: 612,000 in 1987 and 435,000 in 2008

Final Expense

  • Baltimore Life
  • Foresters
  • Medico
  • Monumental Life
  • NGL
  • Settlers Life
  • Transamerica
  • United Home Life
  • United of Omaha

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