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Why the Curry Agency?

We can help you achieve financial success and ensure you obtain your goals while building your own schedule. We can relate to the importance of family time and the relationships you cherish. That is why we are here to help you maximize your success and minimize your effort. Our structure provides you with the specialized agent support you need. The Curry Agency is here to help ensure your expectations and needs are met to care for your clients properly.

The Curry Agency focuses on training our agents to be productive, ahead of the game and notable.

Agents choose The Curry Agency as their FMO for multiple reasons. We offer one-on-one training sessions, marketing strategies, highly competitive products, top commission contracts, agency building programs, assist with compliance reviews & audits, general insurance agent sales training, and exclusive fast start lead programs!

We Offer Over 30 Years of Experience

Here at Team Curry, we strive to help our agents grow their businesses. We are one of the FMO's in the United States. With a supportive staff and the best carriers available to our agents, Team Curry is here for you.

The Curry Team

Walter Curry

President & CEO

Walter Curry, Sr., President/CEO, started The Curry Insurance Agency in Orangeburg, SC, almost three decades ago with little money but with a whole lot of prayer and an abundance of ambition. Walter’s goal from the beginning was to grow the business one customer at a time by really getting to know each customer. Walter learned early on that to get to know his customers, he had to go where they lived. He traveled many South Carolina highways and dirt roads going to small towns and cities to meet potential customers in their homes. He listened as they told their life stories and dreams for the future.

Over time, Walter learned how to instinctively read a customer in a matter of minutes and sell life insurance products that the customer needed and would keep over the long run. The business grew. A few years later, his younger brother, Carl, now deceased, joined the agency. Walter taught Carl everything he knew. Carl and Walter were great partners. The business flourished.

Now, The Curry Insurance Agency represents several national insurance companies and is able to bring the most competitively priced insurance products to its many customers throughout the South Atlantic region. Hundreds independent insurance agents are part of The Curry Insurance Agency including Walter’s son, Walter Curry, Jr. These hard working and dedicated professionals sell a variety of insurance products including Life, Homeowners, Final Expense, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplemental, Annuities and more.

Our Staff

Tresslyn Irving

Tresslyn Irving

Vice President of Operations


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Gwen Wright

Gwen Wright

Training, Marketing and Sales Support


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Kimberley Snider

Kimberley Snider

Recruiter, Contracting and Sales Support


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Al Benjamin

Al Benjamin



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Karen Stearns

Karen Stearns

Agent Support/ Contracting


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